Monday, September 10, 2007

Is it possible that I have not posted on here for one full year?! Amazing how time passes so quickly.

We have added a son to our family, Holden Henry Gundrum. He is the sweetest baby, so calm, so happy. We are so blessed.

It follows that it is much more difficult to get anything done these days. Book wise, work wise, housecleaning wise. I just submitted my second book to Red Cygnet, the publisher of Good Morning Sunshine. I am waiting anxiously for their response.

Shawn is traveling a good amount with his new job. (well new since April) Ella is going to school (a 2s class) three mornings a week this fall, thank goodness! I am hoping the extra time will give me a chance to pick up some more illustration/design work. I continue to teach at SCAD for their online dept. I enjoy the interaction with the students and hope that I keep getting assigned classes.

Thats it so far!