Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hey everyone, check out my book at!! How cool is that! click this link

I also just did an interview for an article in the Osprey Observer, A local paper here in Tampa

I am doing a book signing at RIT on October 30th. Hopefully we will sell alot of books!

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Sharon said...

Hi and Happy New Year.

We chatted briefly before Christmas, and I just read your article in TOC. Very nice! I plan to buy "Good Morning, Sunshine" this weekend if I can find it at Barnes & Noble.

Have you looked at your calendar to see what day works for a book reading/signing for the kids at Ford's Colony? I'd like to try for either Feb. 24th or 25th, if that works for you. We typically begin our programs around 4pm. Based on the theme of your book, I think it would be appropriate to invite Grandparents to attend with the kids.

Send me your thoughts either here or to